Boost your credit card rewards by 2X with a single click

When we first established Kudos, our mission was to make each purchase as delightful and rewarding as possible. We saw a huge opportunity to streamline the checkout process and take the guesswork out of credit card rewards and benefits for our users.

As part of that mission, we launched the Kudos Browser Extension for Chrome and then created a mobile app for iOS, complemented by the Kudos mobile Safari browser extension. As we continue to build new features, we’ve had awesome feedback from our users (reach out anytime at!), with crucial suggestions to make our tools even more useful and intuitive.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest feature, Kudos Boost, which doubles your credit card rewards when shopping at over 15,000 participating merchants. With one click, we’ll match the credit card rewards you earn - so if you’re earning 3% from your credit card at a participating merchant, we’ll 2X it to 6% when you activate Boost.  We call this a Kudos double dip! We’re of the mindset that you should double dip - at least when it comes to credit cards, whenever possible.

How Boost Works

When you shop on one of our merchant partners, you’ll see an option to Activate Boost. Kudos Boost works on Chrome for desktop, as well as on our Safari mobile extension. Click the blue button to Activate Boost, shop like you usually do, and we’ll see you again at checkout. 

At the store checkout page, we’ll prompt you to link an existing card in your Kudos wallet or add a new one. If you already have a card saved with your credit card numbers, we’ll automatically autofill it for you. If you haven’t put in your card numbers yet, you can do that at this point in the checkout , and then we’ll pop them into the payment field for your convenience. 

In order to receive a Boost to your rewards, all you need to do is add your card information. This is required so that we can verify that the card you’re using for Kudos Boost is the same card you used to complete the purchase. 

Your Kudos Boost savings will show as pending (typically for 60-90 days) while our merchant partner confirms your order. If part or all of your purchase is ineligible, or if you decide to return part or all of your purchase and receive a refund, your Kudos Boost amount will be reduced based on the new subtotal. Keep in mind: Kudos Boost savings are calculated on the subtotal of eligible items and do not include tax or additional fees like shipping. 

Converting Kudos Boost Points into Cash

Once you earn 1,000 (worth $10) or more Kudos Boost points, you can redeem them for a gift card. This redemption feature is only available in the US for now. As long as you keep your Kudos account active by using our browser extension or mobile app once during a consecutive 12-month period, your Kudos Boost points will not expire. Check out our FAQ for more details about how Boost works.

We’re very excited for you to get the most out of your credit card rewards - with a little extra from us - and can’t wait for you to experience Boost yourselves.

Have questions or suggestions to make Boost even better? Reach out to us anytime at, on Reddit, Twitter, or

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Discover the best credit card for YOU

Kudos' personalized card explorer tool helps you earn over $750 per year by finding the best card for you based on how you spend.
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